Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Howdy douche bags
So bedlam is complete, it's out on the Internet via the caper Republic site or newgrounds and its doing pretty well! At this moment it's up to 1700 plays which is amazing, it's so strange to know people have taken time out of their day to play a game where you throw boots at people heads to cure them of victorian illnesses.  The game so far has got 2 stars out of 5 which doesn't sound great but we are chuffed considering it's our first game. Next up is our second game, after attending Eurogamer expo and having a couple of interesting chats with industry types in trilbies we are hyped and ready to get cracking. First of all is getting the website finished. Its no good going all out trying to get people to play our games if you have to navigate a crap website. 
My last bit of work for the site is the avatars. My process for the avatars has been to draw a likeness on paper in pencil before outlining it in black ink. Then its off to Photoshop for a tidy up before chucking it into Adobe illustratorfor some prettying up. I was going to teach myself to use a tablet while doing these but for times sake I'm just sticking to what I know. So far I'm really happy at how they are shaping up. Really not looking forward to doing mine as it'll be strange staring at my ugly mug for hours, but it's a blast turning my bro and my bezzie into cartoons

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