Saturday, 29 June 2013

Zero to hero

Howdy peeps,

This is my blog charting my rise from Photoshop hobbyist to game designer/artist extraordinaire.

So lets start from the start (obvious I know but its Monday and my brain is fried from a busy morning). I've always been interested in Art and have been drawing from an early age.

The earliest memories I have of my interest in art is spending hour upon hours filling drawing pads with random cartoon characters. I didn't really have an interest in cartoons or comics (apart from the beano), so why the hell I did this I don't know.

Probably my greatest love (as well as star wars and transformers) was my 48K speccy. This is the reason I am a gaming geek. I loved my speccy and ploughed thousands of hours into games like Dizzy and Double dragon.

When I got to school I realised that contrary to popular belief I had a talent in art. I was never the best student and that reflected in my grades. I hated school and art was a way to forget about school and do something I was good at and enjoyed. After secondary school I went to college and studied art and design. I didn't really enjoy it as the college never really tried to develop our skills and the only thing I got out of it was gaining a basic knowledge in Photoshop.

Since then I've always tinkered but now its time to get serious! I love games and I love art so why not get together with a bunch of lazy-eyed freak shows and make games.

Sounds like a plan uh? Well, this is the story charting my rise and inevitable fall as Caper Republic Artist and world champion cat breath sniffer.

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