Friday, 19 July 2013

Logo loco

After a bit of bug finding and fixing with the game and website it's time to work on the website logo. Since El Presidente is from a fictional Cuban style country the logo is going to reflect that I have intact got two logos to design, one being caper republic and the other being the parent company caper interactive. I have sketches and a fist draught of the CI logo, but the CR logo is more important at the moment due to needing to get the website finished for the full launch in the near future. 

So what's my game plan you may ask, and if you don't then you should because its so blindly obvious of a question you should be chastised for not asking it. 
Well it's mood boards, what is a mood board you may ask (I'm eye rolling at the second obvious question) it's a collection of images and colour schemes to give me inspiration for the logo. 
During the numerous drunken conversations about the 'caper hub' we talked a lot about Cuba, Che Guevara, communism and the like so I've spent time finding images linked to these themes. We have an idea on the style of the logo and now it's time to sketch out a few ideas. 

I've settled on an idea and I'm in the middle of the laborious task of cleaning up my sketches using photoshop before unleashing adobe illustrator on it. I'm going to give the logo a 3d sticker effect/style. Sounds odd? Well so do you! Keep your eyes pealed (yuk, sounds mingling I know) for my initial sketches in the coming days/weeks. 

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