Monday, 7 July 2014


Look, I know its been frickin ages since my last post but shit, if that's the most you have to worry about today then your having a good day in my book.

So what the bloody hell have I been up to? Well now that PJ is around more as his day job has chilled out ever we have had a few meet ups based around the game the game PJ has been working on. Basically the game is his baby but we've all had some input and I've put my newly acquired animation skills to use by designing the intro animation. I've enjoyed making this intro as its fairly short and its my first time working to a brief for an animation project albeit a very loose brief.

On top of the animation I have been designing images for information screens which has inspired me to start a new animation. One of the info screens includes a character I used to draw when I was a kid, I really want to make some simple, short and funny animations.

Oh and we discovered Guns of Icarus, Id watched the Yogscast play this and it looked very interesting but due to being a console gamer I didn't really take anymore notice. Then PJ rocked up with some copies of the game and we love it. Its a great metaphor for our game design project! Play it and you'll see what I mean.

So whats next? Well finishing of the new game is first on the list, we are hoping to get this out within a couple of weeks which will be closely followed but the website announcement to friends and family. We were going to advertise and get all social media about it but we have decided that a soft launch would be best and easier to manage, plus we will get honest feedback.

After that we will start to flesh out our next full game. I'm really keen to continue with our next project as its been slow going for a while, we have a cool concept worked out and we are excited to be working on it.

Peace out bitches.


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