Tuesday, 5 August 2014

MMM, Blended goodness.

Cant think of a way to start this blog so why don't you close your eyes go to your mind palace and think of something awesome like Ninja kittens fighting sloths using nun-chucks made from Scorpions while a pug puppy dressed a Roman Emperor sits between Kelly Brookes Boobs deciding their fate.

Phew, My mind palace seems to be a very strange place. Any way just thought I would write a post about my new project which is to learn Blender. I've always loved 3D animation and I'm a massive Pixar fan but never thought I would get a chance to make my own 3D creations. I had heard of Blender and heard that it was a top level 3D software package - FOR FREE. My favourite price.

I started off by watching loads of beginner tutorials on YouTube and doing lots of paint by number tutorials to get familiar with Blenders confusing interface. Coming from an Adobe background Blenders UI is daunting to begin with but these tutorials helped me memorise the tool lay out.

Heres some really simple tutorials that give you cracking results even with zero Blender experience-


I'm now moving on to making my own art. I'm still reliant on tutorials, but now I can piece them together to make images of my own. Our next games artwork is looking suited to Blender but not in a way you would expect. I've been struggling with the look of our new game but Blenders opened up a world of art that I never considered I could get my noggin around.

Next step would be a shift to unity and if I can develop my skills in 3D we should be starting work on 3D games probably early next year.

In other news, our latest game is nearing completion and after a couple of weekend get meet ups we have given the project a push and we are really excited to put it out there.

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